Goldberg School of Music

We are so excited you have chosen to incorporate music into your life! Here at the Goldberg School of Music we focus on an individualized approach to learning and are committed to cultivating your own unique expression of music. We have a widely diverse student base, ranging from age 2 to adult, and love to work with students whether they are new to music lessons or experienced professionals in need of some coaching. There is a profound impact on the development of emotional expression through the use of learning to read, understand and perform music; we also strongly believe in a teaching approach that is based on problem solving and decision making skills. This skill easily translates to all other areas of life, including scholastic and career fields unrelated to music. Sign up for a free trial lesson today and let’s begin to discuss how we will achieve all of your musical goals!

We are conveniently located on the corner of Main Street and 340 in historic downtown Berryville Virginia.

100 W Main Street Berryville, Virginia 22611

(703) 608-2496

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